Wednesday, December 26

Secret Santa

We truly wanted to get into the Christmas spirit this year and so we talked to our bishop and found out that one of my home teaching families was not going to have any gifts this year due to some financial problems. Well we decided that we couldn't let that happen so we offered to buy them presents without them knowing. So the bishop acquired a list from them and passed it on to us. We then went shopping.

This is a picture of the mound of presents. Then we had to wrap them.

But delivering them was the best part. We drove to their house and quietly delivered the presents outside their door. Then I pounded on the door to get their attention and ran away, hoping that I would not get caught. I didn't, but I did find out later that at the very moment I pounded on the door, the family was watching a movie and it was during the most intense part. The entire family jumped. I felt a little bad, put I thought it was very funny. All in all I think we truly felt the Christmas spirit this year by giving what little we had to a family that had less.