Wednesday, November 21

Father and Son Camping

Our stake has two Father and Son Camp outs a year. One in April and the other in the beginning of November. Well the camp out was scheduled for the 16th and 17th of November. So Austin and I, after talking about it, decided that we wanted to go camping. Well we don't have a tent. So Austin and I decided that we needed to go down to Bass Pro Shop and get a tent. I attended a window demonstration a few months ago and I received a $50 gift certificate to Bass Pro. Se we headed down there and found the perfect tent. A few days later I got a call from the Branch President. He told me that the camp out had been cancelled due restriction to open flames. See we are in the middle of a drought down here and the campground that we were going to go to is so dry that the Fire Marshall told the Stake President that we can't even light a coleman stove. So they called it off. Austin was very sad. So we decided to have a father and soon camp out anyway.

We set up the tent in the middle of the Living Room.

That is where we slept. He had hot dogs for dinner. We played and had fun friday night and saturday while Michelle and Nana went to Raleigh. They went to the temple and to Trish Elder's reception. We each had a great weekend.

Tuesday, November 20

Transformers...More Than Meets The Eye!

When I was a little boy I loved the Transformers cartoon. When the latest movie came out I was so excited. I took the whole family, including Austin. He loved it. Since then my love for the Transformers has been renewed, and Austin latched on to his new obsession.

Here he is in his Halloween Costume. I was so glad that we found this Optimus Prime costume.

We also when out and got all the toys from the characters in the movie. I keep them up on a shelf so that Austin won't take them without asking and lose some of the pieces. Every day when I get home he goes over to the shelf points up at them and says "Daddy, can we play with the new Transformers now?"

Here they all are sitting on the table.

I enjoy being able to share one of the things that I enjoyed as a child with my son (soon to be sons!).

Tuesday, November 6

Showing off the Roundness

Here are the latest pictures of the Roundness.

I'm The Big Brother

Austin is so excited to be a big brother. Some friends of ours just had a baby girl. When they come over to play games Austin takes the oppertunity to practice his big brother skills.

He also loves to give baby Logan hugs and kisses.

And Now The Rest Of The Story

Here is the inside of my house, for those of you that are eagerly waiting.

The Great Room for those who could not guess.

Our Wonderful Dining Room.

And finally Michelle's beautiful yellow Kitchen.

Monday, November 5

My First Real Art

When we were on the cruise in August, Michelle and I decided to attend an art auction. We had so much fun. We bid on and won my first real piece of art. When it finally came, Michelle and I were so excited. Here it is!!

My Wonderful Home

Here is a picture of Michelle's and My First Home. Isn't it cute. You can't really tell by the picture, but it has two-tone shutters. I love it. Oh and I have a great neighbor.

Yes that is Nana's house right next to mine.

The First Blog

I surrender!! I surrender!! I will start blogging!!