Friday, February 6

Birthdays at Julie's

We are in Iowa visiting Julie because she is having her 3rd baby. While we are here Michelle and Logan celebrated thier birthdays. Here is a few pictures of the party.

Mommy Birthday Fun!!

For those that don't know Michelle and Logan share a birthday. Being the first year that we have had a duel celebration, we tried to be sure that neither got shafted in the cake or present department. Here is Michelle and her cake.

Michelle is a huge fan of pok-a-dots. Julie happen to have birthday candles with pok-a-dots on them. Michelle was sooo excited.

Logan 1st Birthday Fun!!

We celebrated Logan's first birthday on February the 3rd. We have a family tradition of give the kids thier very own cake on thier first birthday. Austin loved it and ripped it to shreds. Logan on the other hand did not know quite what to do with it.

We thought that if we broke off a piece and put it in his mouth that he would get the idea. He was not a fan of that.

So then we gave him a fork to see if he wanted to be more civilized. He loved the fork, but still had no interest in the cake.