Thursday, June 25

Setting Up The Pool

We set up the pool at Jenn's house. It was a lot of fun. The kids really enjoyed playing in the pool as it filled with water. I enjoyed it too.

Kids enjoying our version of a water slide.

Me helping Logan enjoy the water.

More of the water slide.

Logan getting loves after a spill in the pool.

Me sliding the kids accross the pool.

Chilling with Logan.

Such a happy boy.

Me losing a battle with the kids. In my defense, they out numbered me.

Round 2 ending the same way.

Logan feeling like Daddy needing his shirt while in the pool.

Me sliding kids accross the pool at Aunt Jenn. No kids got hurt and Jenn got really wet. It turned out very well.

Monday, June 22

Mr. Preston Forrest Kruse

Here are a couple of utlrasound pictures of the boy. I did not include the one showing that he is a boy. I let him maintain his privacy.

We will be decorating his room in brown doggies. This is the fabric that we will be going off of.

Crabbing... What an adventure!

Here are some of the pictures from our crabbing adventure.

The men on our boat ready for our life and death sruggle with the crabs.

Jim's face says it all.

Captian I think we have a stow-away.

Lots of crabs had a near death experience, but three lost their lives. Their sacrifice was worth it.

Jim feeding this crab it's last meal. Doritos...Yum!

Tuesday, June 16

Found Out What We Are Having!

Today michelle and I went to the doctor for the wonderful untrasound where they tell you the gender of the baby. We were fairly confident that it was a girl. Boy... were we wrong. We are delited to anounce that we will be having our third boy. His name will be Preston Forrest Kruse. The due date is November 4th. We are very excited. Austin was not. He was really hoping for a little sister. Michelle and I have decided boy or girl, this is our last baby. After we found out it was our 3rd son, we are still happy with three children. Check back soon for updated pictures and ultrasound pictures of Preston.