Wednesday, May 7

My Boys are the Cutest!

Not that it is a competition or anything, but they are. Maybe I am just bias. Well, judge for yourself...

Grandmas Comes to Town

Michelle's mom was able to come down for a visit and see Austin and Logan. They had so much fun together. Grandma likes to go fishing and so she got Austin into it. He too enjoyed it.

They also where able to do some crafts together. Austin liked his special time with Grandma.

Gardening Step One - Get Off Your Butt

Well we did it... We finally followed the prophets advice and planted a garden. We (having never planted a garden before) teamed up with the Woodford family and planted all kinds of veggies.

The whole family was getting into it, including Austin. We took the back corner of our property (behind our shed) and made the whole thing a garden. It was quite a bit of work. I hope the food is worth it. =)