Monday, November 5

My First Real Art

When we were on the cruise in August, Michelle and I decided to attend an art auction. We had so much fun. We bid on and won my first real piece of art. When it finally came, Michelle and I were so excited. Here it is!!


Jenn said...

Welcome to this side of blogging. It is great to see you are up and running. Please be sure to put lots of pictures of Austin and Logan (after he is out) up. My kids love checking out the blogs. Congrats on your art. It looks like you!

Julie said...

The blog looks awesome! I love all your funny comments on the side. Aaron said if you weren't related we'd copy them for ours. I especially liked the Done here? Try there! one, clever. I like the art. I don't remember seeing this one while I was down there. I just remember the faceless people.