Monday, February 4

Logan Is Here!

It is official. Logan is here. He came on Michelle's birthday (2-3-08). He came out so fast that he bruised his little head. That is why in the pictures he looks like he should be part of the Blue Man Group. He came out at 5:13pm. He was 6lbs14.5oz. He was 18.5" long. Here are a few pictures from the hospital. I will post more when we bring him home. Oh and both mommy and babby are going great.


Julie said...

Logan is so cute! He looks chubby for being so early, how fun! I feel so sorry for the little guy with the blue face. It seems like his first moments weren't that great. I've been waiting all day for these pictures so thanks for posting. Congrats again and I guess this will go down as one of Michelle's best Birthdays ever. It would in my book. Love you!

Julie said...

I was also remembering that Spencer was the same length. You could use the birth wrench or get your own. Wouldn't that be cool!

Abby said...

Congratulations you guys. I side with Julie in that I have been checking like crazy for the photos. He is so dang cute. What a special b-day present. Brian I know your dad would be so proud. Congrats.