Tuesday, June 16

Found Out What We Are Having!

Today michelle and I went to the doctor for the wonderful untrasound where they tell you the gender of the baby. We were fairly confident that it was a girl. Boy... were we wrong. We are delited to anounce that we will be having our third boy. His name will be Preston Forrest Kruse. The due date is November 4th. We are very excited. Austin was not. He was really hoping for a little sister. Michelle and I have decided boy or girl, this is our last baby. After we found out it was our 3rd son, we are still happy with three children. Check back soon for updated pictures and ultrasound pictures of Preston.


Abby said...

Congratulations you guys. We are so excited for you and your family.

bookwormburrow said...

I'm excited for you guys!! Three of the same should be fun and you can use more of the same stuff you already have which is nice. Preston is a cute name too! I can't wait to start working on his quilt. With the job I might have to start soon so I can get it done.